Message from Japhet Jonas Mwanang`ombe, National Coordinator of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Tanzania,

Big Cats in Africa used to roam the lands of Africa and played a great role in many African ecosystems but today they face many threats, one of the greatest one is simply human conflict. Ecology and behaviour of Cheetah, leopard and Lion especially the home range overlaps, resource competition, inter and intra specific competition and territory defence played a superb natural system in a beautiful Africa`s protected Areas, but again today human habitat expansion has just continued to conflict with big cat home range, yet obvious prey behaviours and availability seems to dwindle.

We see more lions and Leopards continue to be poached in one side, farmers in another side continue to poison as a revenge to predation. As a Roots & Shoots Leaders responsible for mindset transformation and preparation of a future generation that is aware of and concerned about the values of big cats and wildlife conservation on this planet, I am in fever with the public education, awareness and information about conservation values of wildlife in Africa. I believe that the young generation do not have the rights to blame old today on the ongoing  threats  facing predators and other endangered species and can not claim to be separated from the existing struggles today. We all share the same spirits, values and aspirations and have the commonalities and above all have still the last chance to do something before its too late.

As we celebrate the World wildlife Day, I want to remind the young generation that Dr.Jane Goodall, our founder inspires us that every one of us matters, every single one of us has a role to play and makes a difference. We can all make a huge difference!