Message from Mingyu Liu, Representative of Youth for Wildlife Conservation

Big cats - who hasn’t been struck by their majestic charisma? Captivating generations after generations of wildlife lovers, including myself, these iconic species are truly irreplaceable. As a PhD student in Peking University, I consider myself extremely lucky to do my part for the protection of snow leopards. Inspired by the longing for equality, the search for coexistence, and the unbearable pity for the suffering of all creatures, I embrace conservation as my passion. But I also know that individual capacities are limited. For long-lasting, sustainable positive impacts, we need the collective power of a wider network!. This is especially true for youth, with people under the age of thirty representing over half of the world’s population. There is an old saying in Chinese: that “strong youth lead to a strong country”. Many young people worldwide are dedicating their careers towards  protecting the world’s most threatened species, from habitat conservation to environmental education, law enforcement and scientific research.

The fate of some of the world’s most endangered and iconic species is on the edge of existence, therefore it is becoming all the more important to engage young people in decisions affecting the world’s wildlife.

Only when our youth are empowered to act, both individually and together, can we have a brighter tomorrow for big cats and all wildlife.

So on March the 3rd, support these young people and their passions to protect and conserve these iconic species.

Happy World Wildlife Day!